A futuristic twist on Sci-Fi stories

After winning the Cyborg Bovine war and bringing peace to the world, Charad is the only one who fears that change for the better is something that you need to keep fighting for, but his time as a human being is limited. As the technology is already available and only needs slight tweaking, he creates an android into which he places a digital copy of his own brain. His android form will get the job done for him and perhaps even find the secret of eternal life. At least that's what Charad hopes.

War Donkey

A collection of short stories about the odd types of heroes. Heroes come usually in glorified forms and invoke enthusiasm from the admirers. But in reality those heroes we relate to might be far from having a happy ending or a noble purpose. They come closer to resemble war donkeys. We still respect them for what they are. Strugglers just like anyone else.


A great scientist, the inventor of anti-gravity propulsion, crash lands in the desert, lying hopeless and unconscious in wait for rescue ...

His rescuers appear to be humans from somewhere else, who desperately need his help!


What kind of law might alien civilizations have?

One thing is certain, there is no justice like show business for little green men!


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